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in HikaShop, I have 2 Shipping Methods included, but if I go to the card, I miss the option to choose one of these Shipping Methods before selling.
I only can see the Payment method.


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We can as a start recommend you this FAQ to check several points that maybe you misconfigured or have forgotten something to set.
If that doesn't help, provide your 2 shipping method setting page (complete screenshot) and your Url link in order to ba able reach your checkout.

Hope this will help you with your current issue.

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Good Day HikaShop Team,

I have used your product successfully before with online stores, however it was mainly for digital products and I was not inclined to use the shipping method, however now that I am offering tangible products I am venturing into dealing with the shipping part. However, I am encountering issues with the Shipping Method and would hope to learn how to successfully set up the Shipping Method.

I have went through the steps suggested within HikaShop FAQ page.

  • I am also encountering confusion with the Payment Method alongside the Shipping Method, If I unpublish a certain Shipping Method, One Payment method becomes hidden.
  • I also setup a USPS web API however I dont see the USPS becoming active on Checkout sometimes, and when it appears, it says USPS Free Shipping. How can I get it to behave in a way to calculate pricing? Also, I do not know how to fill out all of the USPS shipping plugin information. Such as the weight approximation percentage and dimension percentage and whether that information is required to fill out.
I appreciate your product along side service you offer, as your team has always communicated with me when I needed understanding.


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1. In your payment methods settings, you have a setting "shipping methods". If you selected some shipping methods there, then the payment method won't appear on the checkout when another shipping method is selected.
In your case, you probably want to make sure that no shipping methods are selected in that setting of your payment methods.

2. Note that USPS shipping methods will only appear if the products in the cart have a weight and dimensions, and if the customer already entered his shipping address, that it is a real shipping address, and that USPS actually ships to that address normally with the shipping services selected in the USPS shipping method corresponding setting.
So that's a lot of conditions you need to check.
Regarding the weight approximation and dimension approximation settings, these allow you to adjust the size and weight of the packages so that it better reflects the reality of your packages. So for example if you have a product that weights 3 kg, the final package with the box itself, the wrapping, etc might weights 3.5 kg. And USPS only cares of the weight of the package itself, not the weight of the product inside. So you might need to enter a weight approximation of 120% for example to compensate for that difference. And for the dimensions, it goes both ways. The dimensions of the package might be bigger than the dimensions of the product. But if you have several products in the cart, the stacking algorithm will stack the products way less smartly than what you can do in real life, and thus the dimensions of the package might be smaller than what is calculated. So these options allows you to adjust a little. But if you leave these settings empty, then HikaShop will just use the weight and dimensions calculated "as is".
And for the rest of the settings below, you probably want to leave them as they are by default, unless you have some peculiar needs (like for example if your packages are not rectangular boxes).

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