Any way to print the shipping labels directly from Hikashop?

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-- HikaShop version -- : 4.7.1
-- Joomla version -- : 3.9.24
-- PHP version -- : 7.2.34

Good night:

I suspect there is an easy way to do this, but after being surfing your forum and also googling, I have not found it.

We only use the Manual Shipping Plugin because most of our shipments are sent using the Spanish Post Office or national transport agencies (Tipsa, Seur...) for which you haven't published an specific plugin for. I have read about Myparcel, Shipstation and Shiprush, but we don't work with these shipping agencies.

So, we have to copy the destination address and paste it into a label to stick on the parcel.

Is there a way to print a shipping label directly from Hikashop?. Just a simple A6 sticker using that "APLI brand" or any other type of pre-cut label that you can print in any normal printer?. Using a professional label printer would be better, but I suppose that would be much more difficult.

Thanks in advance for your reply.

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Well, the format for the labels depends on the country / shipping provider and it also depends on what printer you have and what it can do. So providing a screen to print labels is not as easy as it sounds.
So based on your printer, you need to find a software for label printing which works great with it to print the labels you need. Usually, these tools have an import feature where you can provide a CSV of the address data to be used for the printing.
Then, in HikaShop, you can create a mass action on the "order" data, with an action "export CSV file" and select the address columns you want to be in the CSV. Make it a button and save.
Then, on the orders listing, when you have a bunch of orders for which you want to print the labels, you can select the orders and click on the button of the mass action to get the CSV file. Then, import it in your software and print with the adequate label template.

The website which is famous for selling label paper for printers, actually has a free to use tool on their website to print labels:
It handles any kind of label format, templates, and CSV import. So you can do it with that.

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Hi Nicolas.

Thanks for the quick reply, especially for answering on a Sunday afternoon. Programmers never take a rest ;-).

I understand that it´s not as easy as it looked and I also understand that there are barcodes, QR and many standard label types deppending on the shipping company, but -just in case- I just asked for the most simplest label: sender, destination and (maybe) weight, all printed in a A6. Nothing else.

I had already thought about the method you suggested me, but (according to our little amount of sales) I will just copy & paste using the pre-cut labels. If we increase our sells in the future, the csv export would be better.

I didn't know about Avery, but here in Spain the most famous sticker label brand is APLI and they also has a windows program and a webpage to design online and print their labels.

I attach you the url just in case some spaniard also reach this topic looking for the same question:

Thanks again for your efforts and great support Nicolas. Bye!

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