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Please help us with configuring our taxes as well.

Hikashop version: 3.3.0
Joomla version: 3.7.2
PHP 5.6.40

Hello all,

We would like help on a few things we can't figure out easily as it seems between the forums and the documentation, it's quite overwhelming and the steps do not seem clear to me.

What I'd like to do:

1. How to add tax to NY orders only. Currently the system is set to no tax on all of our products, however one particular product on this page needs to be taxed if the purchaser lives within the state of New York:

If these two questions belong in another part of a forum please let me know. I had no idea where to place them:

2. Also, I believe that I've changed the name for the product, but the URL still has the original name the product was setup for (product_id=15$ name=cannabis-insights-2019? see attachment of the page,) though it should have changed to 2019-beer-industry-update

3. Lastly, is there a way to add an airmail fee for all orders that are international (and/or outside of the continental US)?


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1. You can create one tax rate via the "manage tax rates" button of the menu System>Taxes with the percentage you want for the tax.
Then, create a tax rule in the System>Taxes menu and select that tax rate, the "default tax category" and the state where NY is located.
Then select the default tax category in that product and no tax category for the other products.

Now if the zone you want to tax doesn't correspond to the NY state, you'll have to duplicate that tax rule and use the post code setting to restrict the tax rules to different post code ranges.

2. The URL is generated with the alias of the product, not the name. You want to change the alias if you want to change the URL. If you have the "force canonical URLs on listings" setting activated in the HikaShop configuration, you might also need to change the canonical URL of the product.

3. Yes. First, create a shipping zone via the System>Zones menu and select all the countries except yours in the "sub zones" listing of the zone. Then, create a new shipping method of the manual plugin via the menu System>Shipping methods and restrict it to that shipping zone and enter the fee you want in the "price" input field of the shipping method.

PS: For something which isn't directly related to the subject, please open a new thread. I'm moved your subject to a new thread for you.

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