VAT added to total rather than individual products

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Hello - is it possible to add VAT to the total order rather than each product.

My Client says:
Within the shop, VAT is added to each line, within our production system, the VAT is added to the total order value. This can cause differences with rounding’s for the total invoice value, when we are sending statements to customs. On occasion, they are querying why the invoice totals are different. Is it possible to change how the VAT is applied within the shop, to have this calculate the total order value to reflect our accounting system.

Many thanks!

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Yes. That's what the setting "round prices during calculations" setting is for in the HikaShop configuration. Turn it off and the rounding will be done on the main total instead of on each row, like it's done in an accounting system. E-commerce systems usually round on each row (it's more logical when the customer sums the amounts on each row so that it always corresponds to the total you're asking them). So we've added an option so that you can choose between the two modes of calculations.

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