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-- HikaShop version -- : 4.3.0

Hi, when we set a table with the Hikashop options to show NO tax we see al the products without tax in de table.
That's perfect, but if we click on a product to choose characteristics or see the details then all the prices are show WITH Tax.

We have the whole site WITH Tax but on one page (menu-item) we want to show a table and product with NO tax because this is the only table for business clients.

Is it normal that when you see products in the table WITHOUT tax and on a product page WITH tax?
This product is also only for business clients.

Hope you can help me.

Kind regards,

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Yes. That setting is for the products listing pages of your menu item.
For the product detail page, it bases itself on the main setting in the HikaShop configuration.
There is no mechanism to display the price with or without taxes base on the user group.
So you would have to edit the file product / listing_price.php via the menu Display>Views and add such code at the beginning:

$my = JFactory::getUser();
$userGroups = JAccess::getGroupsByUser($my->id);
if(in_array(XXX, $userGroups))
 $this->params->set('price_with_tax', 0);
where XXX is the id of the user group for your business clients and that will force the display of the prices without taxes for them, on both the listings and the product details pages.

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