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Hi Hikashopteam,

When we make the monthly turnover total with VAT, the turnover amounts of ICT supplies (VAT-free Belgium) and of VAT margin scheme are placed together in the section “Orders without VAT”, while there are two separate sections for this that remain at zero.

For the tax authorities, these 2 rates must be specified separately, but they are therefore combined in 1 section. Is it possible to make an improvement in Hikashop that this will be better broken down in the future? Because now we have to break it down manually.

Hope to hear from you.

Kind regards,

Kind regards,
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The issue is that the "total amount" area is calculated from the tax rate and the tax amount. So if the tax amount and the tax rates are 0, the system cannot recalculate the total amount (as not all the amount before taxes of an order might be for that tax rate).

To be able to take that into account properly will require quite a bit of modifications as we need to calculate the taxed amount for each tax rate properly when the cart is generated and then store that with the order tax data and recalculate it properly when something change.
We'll look at working on that for the next version of HikaShop.

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