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-- HikaShop version -- : 3.1.1

For now on editing de invoice form is not very simple. When i added a table or row i get an error. (invoice manager is not a good solution because you have to manage your orders in two dashboards)

I would be really nice if there is a way to edit this invoice by an editor. Placeholders would be really useful.

Any plans for this? Placeholders?

Kind regards René

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We want to simplify it in the future yes. However, the more we simplify the harder it gets when you want to deeply customize it.
For example, on the email edition interface, we've made a template system so that you can edit the HTML version with only HTML and tags. It's nice but then sometimes people have to add code to the preload of the email to achieve what they want (like adding new columns to the product table) and it is more complex than if it was all in one view like in the invoice...
Even with a wysiwyg editor you would face the same issue in that case.

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