Odd Mobile Display Issue

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3 years 9 months ago #296647

-- HikaShop version -- : 3.5.1
-- Joomla version -- : 3.8.11
-- PHP version -- : 7
-- Browser(s) name and version -- : Chrome

So after some toying around, I've finally got the User Control Panel working, and I made some changes to make the Wishlist buttons display appropriately...but I have an odd issue on mobile that does not show up on a Desktop browser.

Here are the screen shots...



Now, first off...I can see there are 2 Cart buttons...one is add to cart, the other is Move to cart. This seems redundant. Why are there 2 buttons that essentially do the same thing?

Secondly, I'm already in the wishlist, why would I want to move something in my wishlist to my wishlist? I know you can move to a new wishlist using that button...but again, it seems like a redundant button, either that...or incorrectly displayed & named.

Now...in the desktop screen, I can see the "Move to cart" and the "Move to wishlist" buttons have an extra border aaround them. This is where I think my issue is...

On the mobile screen, those two buttons do not have an extra border around them...but what I THINK are those two extra borders...are above the word wishlist on the mobile screen.

Any thoughts here? Before someone gives a reply back stating this is due to my custom template...I tried clearing these out and using just the standard template and they are there as well...so this is an inherent problem that is not caused by my template as I also checked with RocketTheme and they confirmed this.

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1. They don't do the same thing. One makes a copy of the product entry in the wishlist to the cart, the other moves it. Which means that when you move the product to the cart, you loose it in your wishlist. That's why you have the to buttons.
If you only want one, you can always use CSS to hide the one you don't want.

2. You can have several wishlists and thus that button is to move the product to another wishlist or a new one. I don't see why you say it's redundant ? Redundant with what ?
If you don't want it, you can hide it with CSS, and if you want to change the text of the button, you can use a translation override:

3. The fact that these buttons display differently from the others is because you're missing some CSS. As we told you before, you're using custom CSS from an old version of HikaShop and thus, you don't have all the new CSS that we had to add for the new things we've added in the frontend. And these "dropdown" buttons are part of the new things we've added.
So it's not from the template but from your old custom CSS file of HikaShop frontend default. If you switch to the default CSS of HikaShop, you'll see that the buttons display just fine, like it does on our end.

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