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-- HikaShop version -- : 1808311603


I have strange behaviour with wishlist display and can't understand what is the issue.

When new user register account and nothing added to wishlist, going to menu HikaShop » Cart Display ( Type wishlist ), the user c-panel will be visible instead of wishlist layout. After adding any product to wishlist and removing it, the wishlist layout will be visible ( as this is how should be by default ).

It looks like the issue is only with new users who had nothing in wishlist...

How could i avoid that?


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It's not about new users or not.
It's about having a wishlist element attached to your user or not (whether the wishlist has a product or not).
If you don't have any wishlist and you're trying to access the wishlist page, it will redirect you to the user control panel with a message telling you that the wishlist is empty.
Changing that won't be easy as the wishlist display view isn't made right now to display when no wishlist is loaded.
But it kind of make sense to not redirect you to the user control panel when you're trying to display the wishlist page from a menu item configured to display the current wishlist. We'll look at changing that for the next release.
Thanks for your feedback.

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