June 17 2022

The HikaShop Marketplace continues to expand its already substantial offer! This time we have news in 5 categories of our Marketplace!
We'll talk here a bit more about each one.

QuickBooks Online accounting plugin

This plugin allows you to automatically send your HikaShop sales to QuickBooks Online as "invoices". That way, you can easily integrate your online shop orders to your accounting.
Learn more QuickBooks Online here

Barclays payment plugin

This plugin is a payment solution to communicate with Barclays ePDQ.
Once installed, it will be configurable like a normal payment method in the menu System>Payment methods of HikaShop via the "new" button.

Discover this new plugin on our Marketplace here.

Learn more about Barclays, here

HikaShop password plugin

With this new plugin from the HikaShop team, you can restrict access to your products and categories with a password.
In the backend, when you edit a product or a category, you'll have an "Access password" input field where you can enter a password.
When a user will try to access a category or a product page on the frontend, if that category/product has an access password filled in, instead of seeing the listing of products of the category or the product details page, he will see a message prompting him to enter a password with an input field and a validation button.

Discover this new plugin on our Marketplace here !

Price Calculations plugin

This plugin was also developed by the HikaShop team to extend HikaShop capabilities. You will be now able to redefine the price of each product based on formulas you can configure in the settings of this plugin.
This plugin can replace all the "Shop Custom Price Letter Count", "Shop Custom Price Word Count", "Shop Custom Quantity plugin" and "Shop Custom Width Length plugin" plugins available on our marketplace. But it can do even more since you can configure many types of formulas in the settings of the plugin, with an infinity of possibilities!
One complain we had with these existing plugins was that there was no preview of what the price would be before adding the product to the cart and checking the price in the cart. This plugin adds that capability so even if you already use one of these plugins, the Price calculations plugin might be a nice alternative to improve the user experience in your online shop.
You'll be able to use values entered in custom product fields or other fields in your product edit interface, but also operators, PHP functions and also custom item fields that the user can fill on the frontend details page of the product.

Example with a custom item field where the customer can enter the length he wants to buy, and the resulting price will be that value times the price you configured in the product : {length}*{price}

From this, you can quite easily imagine all that this new plugin can bring you!

Discover this new plugin on our Marketplace here !

Action log plugin

Again a new plugin from the HikaShop Team ! This plugin integrates with the Action log mechanism of Joomla 4 so that you can log the different actions each user will make in your shop and review them with the action log system of Joomla.
In the settings of the plugin, you'll also find checkboxes you can tick/untick to select which data should be monitored.

Discover this new plugin on our Marketplace here !

We hope you will enjoy these new plugins.

Keep in touch folks.

Team HikaShop