October 02 2023

The HikaShop Marketplace continues to expand its already substantial offering! This time, we have 3 new plugins to present ! First, the Cart fee plugin, a plugin to manage product stock and packaging, and finally an integration with the Joomla captcha system.
We'll talk here a bit more about each one.

New plugins :

Cart fee plugin

This plugin will allow you to create extra fees using formulas build with tags relative to "product", "item" & "order" custom fields or even default fields from the products in the cart of the customer.
On the checkout, the matching formulas will be used to calculate extra fees and the plugin will add them to the cart total.
Discover this new plugin on our Marketplace here.

Bipbip plugin

This plugin will allow you to avoid order errors during the preparation before shipping. The principle is simple because it is similar to a cash register system, where items can be scanned.
This plugin come with lots of different features. For example if a scanned item is not in the order, an alert notifies the user. Or if a product is scanned too many times, there is also an alert, and many other features to discover !

Discover this new plugin on our Marketplace here.

Joomla Captcha plugin

We have developed a new plugin that integrates HikaShop with the Joomla captcha system. Thus, it is now possible to integrate captcha plugins for Joomla with HikaShop, and not just our ReCaptcha plugin!
Discover this new plugin on our Marketplace here.

Plugins updated :

Address geocoding

  • 2.0.4 on the 21st of September 2023
    • The geocoding plugins now support the update system of Joomla so you'll be notified of new versions.
    • The geocoding shipping plugin now has an option to select the distance calculation mode. You can choose "line of sight" and it will work like before, but you can also use "driving" or "bicycling" and it will use the Google Maps Distance Matrix API to calculate the distance using Google Maps' itinerary calculation capabilities (extra fees will be incured).

MyParcel plugins

    MyParcel label and track

  • 1.1.7 on September 21st 2023
    • We fixed deprecated messages on PHP 8.1 in the MyParcel plugin.
  • 1.1.6 on May 25th 2023
    • When the order_shipping_params data of an order was invalid the plugin would generate an error on the backend order listing for that order.

PDF Invoice plugin

  • 2.0.4 on the 21st of September 2023
    • The support of the onAfterOrderProductsListingDisplay event in the last release would generate an error during the PDF generation on the frontend when products with serials/subscriptions (with HikaSerial) would be included in the order.
  • 2.0.3 on the 8th of August 2023
    • The PDF invoice plugin now supports the onAfterOrderProductsListingDisplay event. This will allow the PDF to include extra information added by other extensions, like the serial numbers generated by HikaSerial, similarly to how the default invoice include it.
  • 2.0.1 on the 6th of July 2023
    • Custom fields of the table "order" would not display properly with the grid and corporate layouts.

We hope you will enjoy these new plugins.

Keep in touch folks.

Team HikaShop