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This plugin will allow you to avoid order errors during the preparation before shipping. The principle is simple because it is similar to a cash register system, where items can be scanned. This plugin come with lots of different features. For example if a scanned item is not in the order, an alert notifies the user. Or if a product is scanned too many times, there is also an alert, and many other features to discover !

  • Easy and quick !
  • 1) Download the plugin on our website
    2) Install it on your Joomla website (extension manager)
    3) Enable the plugin and configure it
  • The plugin is compatible with all the editions of HikaShop
  • HikaShop 3.3 or newer required
  • Compatible with PHP 5 minimum
  • GPL v3
  • No limit of time
  • No limit of use

1.0.1 on the 6th of Febuary 2024

  • The plugin is now compatible with products added manually when ordering (it was only compatible with products already encoded in the catalog).

1.0.0 release on May 30th 2023

€ 50,00 A tax rate (between 17% and 27% based on your country) will be added if your address is in the European Union and that you don't provide a valid VAT number or if your address is in France as per the European Union law.


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