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Integration with OSMap, Xmap and mapX

  • The HikaShop plugin for OSMap, mapX and Xmap 2.x (not available anymore) enables you to show your products and your categories into the OSMap, mapX, or Xmap site map.
Install the plugin
  • Easy and quick !
  • 1) First, you need to install and configure OSMap. You can download it here.
    2) Download the plugin on our website.
    3) Log in to your backend and click on the menu "Extensions -> Install/Update".
  • Browse for the HikaShop plugin you just downloaded and then click on the button "Upload File & Install"..
  • You should now see the HikaShop Plugin in the Joomla plugins manager. Now, you have to publish the HikaShop plugin and your products and categories should be visible in your site map.
  • Don't forget to publish the HikaShop plugin.
  • Here is a complete tutorial on setting up OSMap with this plugin.


Joomla 1.5 and up
HikaShop 2.6.0 and up