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Picklist Plugin

This is a plugin for hikashop which adds support for PDF picklists. This plugins generates a picklist PDF with alphabetically ordered products instead of the default ordering of Hikashop. It also adds support for 3 custom field types (colli, units_per_colli and packaging) to describe the product to your order pickers. These fields are optional and can be disabled by going to "Hikashop - Custom fields". The PDF has room to for extra notes so your staff can write notes down on the paper and it includes checkboxes for each product. You can also choose custom list of email recipients.

  • PDF Output
  • Sorted products (by product code)
  • Custom fields (optional) for product packaging information
  • Display product packaging information on PDF
  • Customer shipping address displayed on PDF
  • Customer contact information displayed on PDF
  • Email notification (for orderpickers) with a link to the picklist
  • Custom email recipients for orderpickers (defaults to hikashop orders email)
  • Download button in order and order listing pages
  • Documentation for adding packaging information to custom views
  • Integrates nicely with the "Hikashop - Order in Bulk" extension
  • Translated in English, Dutch and Spanish
  • Battle tested in production
  • PDF is generated after checkout (to reduce lag for the user)

Examples :


Easy and quick !

  1. Download the plugin on our website
  2. Install it on your Joomla website (extension manager)
  3. Important : Go to the "Manage" -> "Plugins” and deactivate the "HikaShop Out of stock notification Plugin"
  4. Enable the Out of Stock Notification Improved plugin
  5. Make sure that the cron task is configured in the HikaShop configuration page (requires Essential or Business edition)
  6. Configure the plugin via the Joomla plugins manager

How to configure
  1. Go to the "Manage" -> "Plugins” and search for "Hikashop - Out of Stock Notification".
  2. Enter the recipients email addresses in the "Email recipient(s)" field.
  3. Set the "Stock limit" to a sensible default value. If you don't want to receive out of stock notifications for all products, leave the field as 0.
  4. Click "Save” to save your changes.
  5. You will now receive an email notification when stock for any product drops below the specified global stock limit.
  6. Go to "Hikashop" -> "Products" and select a product for which you want to set a custom stock limit.
  7. Scroll down to the "Custom Fields” section and set a stock limit for the product. You can choose "Default”, which will use the global stock limit, "Unlimited”, when you never want to receive an out of stock notification for that product, or a number indicating the minimum amount of items that you want to have in stock.
  8. Click "Save” to save your changes.
  9. You will now receive an email notification when the stock for this specific product drops below the specified custom stock limit.

  • This Out of Stock Notification Improved plugin is compatible with all the editions of HikaShop
  • HikaShop Essential or Business 3.1 or newer required
  • Compatible with PHP 5 minimum
  • GPL v3
  • No limit of time
  • No limit of use
  • 30-days money-back guarantee
€ 30,00 A tax rate (between 17% and 27% based on your country) will be added if your address is in the European Union and that you don't provide a valid VAT number or if your address is in France as per the European Union law.


Echo Sierra Studio
Joomla 2.5 and up
HikaShop 3.0 and up