HikaAuction is a Joomla! Bidding component for the e-commerce solution HikaShop. It's quick to set up and will enable you to easily create, manage, and follow auctions on your shop. Your customers will bid for the product they want and the customer with the highest bid will win the auction.

Why HikaAuction ?

Several times, in the HikaShop's forum, people ask for a new feature in order to create and manage Auctions based on Hikashop products on their shop
HikaAuction answer to this kind of request and propose an easy way to transform your Hikashop product into Auctions.

HikaAuction is also compatible with the HikaMarket Multi-vendor component, that integration will enable your vendors to directly create and manage their own auctions through the front-end of your shop.

What is an Auction ?

In our case an auction will be an Hikashop product, that will enable you to use every Hikashop features while managing an Auction website.
Multiple bidding mode will be available, but the winner of every auction will be decided by the amount he offered for the product, so the customer with the highest bid will win the Auction.

HikaAuction main features

products and salesPRODUCTS AND SALES

  • Any Hikashop product can quickly become an Auction
  • HikaMarket Multi-vendor Integration
  • Multiple Bidding mode
  • Manage your emails
  • Auction listing
  • Multi-language support
  • Bidding history

  • Customizable display
  • Email customization
  • Auction countdown display
marketing toolsMARKETING TOOLS

  • Backend Auction listing with details

Getting Started with HikaAuction

If it is the first time you use HikaAuction, we recommend you to have a look at the "Your first auction" tutorial to quickly create and manage your first auction.