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-- HikaShop version -- : 3.4.0

Upgraded to Essential last week, still hoping for our first order.

We like to create personalized items, like T-Shirts with YOUR NAME on them.

Would like to be able to add a mandatory TEXT ENTRY field with controlled number of characters that gets filled out and printed on the order when checking out.

Might also offer a "check" to make sure it's entered correctly.
Might also want to charge $ per character.

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You have for this to add the " ShopCustom Price Letter Count " plugin, and create some Item custom field to work with it, see the plugin page .
That will associated your customer text to the product in the order and calculate the text cost to add to T-shirt price.

For check the entry of the input you have to use a RegEx in your Item Custom Field configuration part, see the screenshot :

Hope this will fit your needs.

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