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I am building a fencing store for a customer. He's asked me to integrate a calculator of sorts into the system.

I need to know what the best way would be to create this type of calculator, which would use data input on the front end to pull products from the store. This link is an example of what he's looking for:



Edit: I have already looked at two calculation plugins that apparently work with HikaShop, but neither seems to be able to generate a list of parts. Is there no way to do a multi step calculation that uses HikaShop products? I'd imagine this is a fairly common requirement?

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The integration we usually recommand is Calcbuilder to do calculators with HikaShop:
You'll have to check with them to confirm if it's possible to do exactly what you want though.

Besides that, we actually developed a custom integration with Fabrik for a local client of ours in order to do complex forms with lists of elements, etc.
But since that's really specific it's hard to make anything generic. You can see the result here:
What I mean is that if you need a complex solution, a custom development is always possible to implement complex forms.

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