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I m still testing the Hikamarket before using it live and I came to a new question. I started testing fees and I made some test orders to a vendor product.
The system has now an amount of -329€ to be paid.
1. Does this mean that the website will pay 329€? why - 329 and not 329.
2. I have setup a test paypal for testVendor. When I press Send request, I get an error. See attached


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When your marketplace is configured to let the vendors be paid directly for their sales, you have to remove the ACL for the payment request.
The value is negative because the vendor owns money to the store for its sales. He received directly the money for its orders, including the feed for the store, money that he has to pay back.
But in such kind of configuration, it's not the vendor to ask for a payment request ; the store manager would have to generate some "invoices" that the vendor will be able to pay (it is an HikaShop order with the "pay later" feature).

Now regarding the message, it indicates that the HikaMarket email for the payment request has been unpublished or you do not have configured the destination email.


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