Removing hikashop from link to checkout

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I have a product listed within a module with an "add to cart" link at bottom. The link location is the checkout and displays the correct product, so that's all good. However the link to the checkout is complex and busy:

" "

Is there any way to remove "component/hikashop"?

I suspect this is a regular question but I couldn't find anything in FAQs and searching throws up a variety of solutions that are a little confusing to follow.

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That link is a link from an "add to cart" button, not a link to the checkout. Now it's possible that the add to cart process would redirect to the checkout but not necessarily. It really depends on several parameters of your shop.
Now, the fact that you have component/hikashop in that URL is because the Itemid parameter in the URL doesn't correspond to a menu item of a HikaShop type. So to remove that "component/hikashop" part from the URL, you need to correct that Itemid parameter.
Now the question is how do you do that ? And I can't say directly as I don't know how and where that URL is created on your website. I would need more information on that. You're saying that this link comes from a module. Is that a module from HikaShop ? A third party module ? A custom module you developed ? And how did you configure that module ? Could you provide some screenshots of the settings of that module ? Could you maybe provide a link to the page with that module so that we can directly check the situation ?

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