pulldown list limitation on iPad

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I have all the latest versions of everything installed.

I have had an issue for a while now and since we have more customers each day that want to order on an iPad, this is becoming a real issue. We have a dropdown selection in which the customer can select a set time. The list is a bit long and so on an iPad the selection can't be made. The list just simply won't scroll down. How can this be fixed? It is not possible to make it a text field and let the customer set a time, because only exact times are possible. So how can someone scroll down in a pulldown list on a iPad?

Thanks in advance.

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Normally, when you have a dropdown using the "select" element, the browser will replace it with its own dropdown system which works properly and allows you to scroll it.
So I'm not sure why it wouldn't work for you. Maybe you have the chosen library activated (either in the settings of HikaShop, or via your template) which replaces the dropdown select element by a HTML/javascript element and it doesn't work properly on safari ?
I would need to check the situation on the page to confirm that theory but you didn't give a link to the page so I'm not sure.

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