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-- HikaShop version -- : 4.2.3
-- Joomla version -- : 3.x

Hello to all,
I wanted to know if by chance there was a way to enter certain prices for multiple quantities of a single item.
For example:

from 50 pieces to 99 pieces the price is € 50

from 100 pieces to 299 pieces the price is € 100

and so on

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Yes. When you create/edit a product, you have a prices listing area. There, you can add several unit prices for different minimum quantities.
However, with your example, it means that you need to enter one price for each possible quantity since the unit price is multiplied by the quantity of the product in the cart.

Another solution would be to create a characteristic with the values 50-99, 100-299, etc
And add the characteristic and its variants to the product. Then, you could set the price of the variant 50-99 to 50, of the variant 100-299 to 100, etc.
On the product page, the customer would then have a dropdown to select the price.
Then, you could create a custom field of the table "item" to allow the customer to enter the precise number of pieces.
And you could turn off the "quantity input method" setting of the main product to remove the normal quantity input field.
The issue would arose when the customer would enter a number outside of the range he selected.

Finally, the best solution would be to just use the normal quantity input field, and have one unit price of 50 with a minimum quantity of 0, one unit price of 100 with a minimum of 100, etc. And then, develop a plugin based on the "custom" plugins available here:
The plugin would force the price of the product based on the quantity in the cart to divide it by the quantity so that the total price of the product in the cart would correspond to the unit price entered in the backend.
That however requires some PHP/MySQL development skills.

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