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Hi there,

1) How do I make sure that my rates are updated frequently? It's showing that the last time it was updated was 2019.
Attached are the settings for the Cron and the Rates Plugin. What am I missing please?

2) Also, how do I know which source to choose? My listings are in CDN and US dollars.



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I can see on your screenshots that the "next run time" of the cron is in 2019. So that means that the cron is not working on your website.
So first, you need to setup the cron, following the tutorial here:
Once you have validated that the cron is working, check that the rates update is working by manually clicking on the "update rates" button in the System>Currencies menu.
Finally, now that the cron and the plugin are working separately, it should normally work automatically.
Note that on your first screenshot, I can see you've selected the Open Exchange Rates source but the input field bellow for the Open Exchange Rates App ID is empty. You need to make sure it's filled in or it would be able to get the rates. So you need to create an account at Open Exchange Rates and get your App ID from there.

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