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Built for simplicity and flexibility. 

Have your users purchase your products efficiently, facilitate the management of your store, increase your sales thanks to built-in marketing tools and so much more !
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What's new ?

Main features


HikaShop provides an interface for handling languages, currencies, zones and advanced taxes to sell anywhere in the world.


Easily manage your store using the built-in dashboard and its powerful statistics capabilities.


HikaShop works on every device (laptop, tablet, smartphone..). Your shop will fit to each user's screen.


Increase your sales thanks to affiliate program support, coupons, discounts and email marketing integration.


User-friendly and flexible, our component is easy to use and configure. Create your own shop online in a minute !


HikaShop is integrated with many other components and includes a lots of plugins...


Personalize your store: views, checkout, information fields, emails, and more to fit your website design


Adding HikaMarket to HikaShop, create a multi-vendor website. Manage in one shop several sales from different people.

Our Company


HikaShop is a complete e-commerce solution that allows you to easily create and manage your online store but also take it to the highest level.


The whole team is working to provide you with quality support. Documentation and forum are there to guide you step by step. Each issue finds an answer !


HikaShop is constantly improving. We ensure compatibility with each new version of Joomla! And new features are added frequently.


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HikaSerial is a Joomla! component for the e-commerce solution HikaShop. It adds some new features that enable the assignment of unique data assignation when a product is bought.
The goal of HikaSerial is to attach "serials packs" to HikaShop products and when a customer buys a product, some "serials" from a "pack" is attached to his order.

Why HikaSerial ?

Several times, we had people asking through HikaShop's forum for this new feature which enable you to sell "codes" through their store : Activation codes, software licenses, seat numbers, SIM numbers...
HikaSerial is an answer to this kind of request and provides an administration interface to manage serials and packs.

What is a Serial ?

A serial is a unique data entry stored in a database.
When a serial is assigned to an order, its data is added in the content of the email and is accessible in the front end by the user.

In the database, it's possible to store any content you want. It could be a simple small number or a long text.
Thanks to the plugin system, a serial can be more than some text.

It's also possible to use an HikaSerial plugin to generate an image and to store the path of this image in the serial data.
The serial will be displayed in the email or in the front end, the same plugin can override the serial displaying and display some HTML code instead.

A pack is a collection of serials. Using HikaSerial with HikaShop, will enable you to assign a pack to a product.
So that when a product will be bought by a user, HikaSerial will retrieve a serial from the pack and assign it to the user's HikaShop order.
A product can have several serials from the same pack (you can configure the quantity) and can have several packs too.

Serial statuses

Free - The serial can be assigned to any customer.

Reserved - The serial is reserved for a specific customer.

Assigned - The serial is assigned to a customer which can "consume" it.

Used - The serial is assigned to a customer which has already "consumed" it.

Unassigned - The serial was assigned. It can be reassigned to the same customer.

Deleted - The serial is deleted.

Serial possibilities

Directly with HikaSerial:

  • Activation code
  • Software license
  • Seat number, e-ticket
  • SIM number
  • Gift certificate
  • Text, Article, poem, etc

With HikaSerial (custom) plugins:

  • HikaShop coupon generation
  • Dynamic generation of serials
  • Unique file attachment
  • External serial generation (using web-services or other)
  • Use HikaShop custom fields

Getting Started with HikaSerial

If it's the first time you are using HikaSerial, we recommend you to have a look at the configuration documentation page and after that, check the pack documentation page to create you first pack.
After the pack creation, you'll be able to associate this pack to an HikaShop product.

HikaSerial configuration
Pack edition

HikaShop product interface for HikaSerial association

In HikaShop product interface, a new block "Serials" will appear.
You'll be able to assign packs to that product.