Does hIkamarket offers the below mentioned features in a multi-vendor marketplac

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I would like to know whether Hikamarket offers the below mentioned featured or not in a multivendor market place?
1.) Seller can create shipping rules
2.) Seller country(from which countries sellers are allowed)
3.) Default seller
4.) A seller can create products or can sell already existing products
5.) Seller currency
6.) eWallet
7.) Pay to List(Paid Promotions)
8.) Free Listing
9.) Sell for Price
10.) Call for Price
11.) Query for price
12.) On sale commission (fixed/percent)
13.) Incomplete checkout
14.) Return policy for an individual seller
15.) Exchange policy for an individual seller
16.) Shipping location preference for an individual seller
17.) Billing location preference for an individual seller.

1.) Seller review
2.) Single product multiple sellers
3.) New/used/refurbished listing
Seller based
4.) Special category listing, seller pay for making listing featured/bordered/ etc
5.) Seller based What is in Box
6.) A seller can make product variant
7.) The same variant can be sold by various sellers
8.) Stock management for Variant
9.) Multiple seller categories
10.) Add funds for sellers
11.) Seller wise transaction report
12.)Message to sellers
13.) Seller wise filters on each page
14.)Seller profile management
15.) Advanced seller permission
16.) Seller Joomla user groups
17.) Seller group wise Order status management
18.) Email templates for a seller

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For such kind of pre-sale questions ; please use the "contact us" form instead of the forum.
There are lot of points and because there are twice the same numbering for the points ; make the answer difficult and not useful for other people in the forum.
I'm not able to understand (or answer) to several points since the description is too generic and does not have a precise meaning like "incomplete checkout".

Most features you listed are already possible with HikaShop + HikaMarket.
Some features are not directly available and would require some specific organisation in your store (categories/products) to achieve. Like the email template or the state listing.
And some features would require some development ; but are still possible.

Regarding points like "eWallet", it would depend on the payment gateway.


Jerome -
HikaMarket & HikaSerial developer / HikaShop core dev team.

Also helping the HikaShop support team when having some time or couldn't sleep.
By the way, do not send me private message, use the "contact us" form instead.

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What I meant with "Incomplete checkout" is when a customer leaves his/her cart without paying for the items in the cart. So when they come back to the portal. They will continue to see the previous products which were added to the cart. They will continue to payment further. Kind of session maintenance and constant notification via email/SMS to complete the transaction of the leftover cart.

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HikaShop stores the cart of the customer in the database.
If the customer is logged in, the cart is linked to his account, so next time the customer comes, he will see his cart.
If the customer is not logged in, the cart is linked to his php user session (there is a setting in the Joomla configuration for the session duration if you want to change it). So as long as the user session is not destroyed (by either closing his browser, or turning off his computer), the session don't be destroyed and he will be able to see his cart on your website.
All this is basically how most online shops work.

We also have a cart reminder plugin here:
This plugin allows you to notify the customer a certain duration after the last time the cart was modified by the customer so that they can continue their order and pay. Note that the notification is by email, and thus it requires that the customer also entered his email address (either when starting a guest checkout, or by registering/logging in).
This plugin also handles order reminders:
When the customer clicks on "finish" on your checkout, the cart is converted into an order and the customer is redirected to the payment gateway for the payment. If the payment is not done, the order is not confirmed. This plugin can also notify the customer after a certain period after the order is created so that they can try to pay again for their order.

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