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I am trying to remove the necessity of users having to register in order to complete the checkout process. I understand this is only available in the commercial versions. I am trying to determine whether I need the starter version or the business one. Is there any documentation detailing the difference in these versions (other than the feature list that I have already gone through)?

Also, I want to ensure that users wont be able to complete the payment process (I am using PayPal only) without providing their shipping address. Do the commercial versions address this, and what is available on the sales tab to correlate an order to their shipping address? I hope my questions are clear enough.

Thank you.

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The features list is where you have most of the differences between the 3 editions listed. Then, in the documentation, each time a feature is only for commercial versions or the business version, it is mentionned. Please note that you can always upgrade from one version to the other so that even if you need the business version later on, you can always upgrade at that point.

By default the shipping address is asked to the user if you entered a weight in at least one product which is in the cart. Having a weight in a product is what enables the system to decide whether a good a shippable or if it's a virtual good (like on our store for example). This is possible in all versions of HikaShop.

Then, on the sales listing, for each order you will be able to see the billing and shipping address int he details of the order. You will also be also to print the invoice and the shipping invoice.

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