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it is a suggestion - when i create a related item modul i think that it will be a good advice that i can choose if i want that the product will show with the description/title. when i choosing DIV and 2 or 3 in a row the description dont look good, it is going out from the div.

when i add a modul under product, lets say the related products modul, i think than when i am not adding related products to a product the related product title shouldnt appear. for now, even if i am not adding a related product and the related product modul enabled, the title show even if there is no related modul.

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In the hikashop options of your module, you have on the right the option "Type of item layout" where you can select what you want to show. By default it's set to image and title so you shouldn't see the description.

Your second point is indeed the case. You can easily change that by customizing the file listing of the view product of the front end via the menu Display->Views. There you can change the line:

if($this->params->get($title) && JRequest::getVar('hikashop_front_end_main',0)){
if(!empty($this->rows) && $this->params->get($title) && JRequest::getVar('hikashop_front_end_main',0)){
to achieve what you want

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