Affiliate Questions and New Installation

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I have a customer that is currently using the CRE Loaded shopping cart and is very frustrated with the inability to program the site like he wants it. I have convinced him that Joomla would be a better platform for him to be working in and so far he agrees. The problem is, that he currently has over 600 affiliates and he wants to make the transition as transparent as possible.

Now, with this is all said, I have a few questions:
1) What does the affiliate's referral link look like? Currently, the old site uses: where the last number is the affiliate's ID number.

2) Is your affiliate program only 1 level or can an affiliate benefit by others become an affiliate under them?

3) Does your affiliate program work on percentage of the sale of the product only and not include any shipping or handling?

4) Since my customer currently has a live working site under his specific domain, will it be possible to build his new site under a different domain name, and test it and debug it, then transfer it over to his normal working domain name? (License question really)

Thanks for your time!


PS. I read on the forum where someone suggested that affiliate earnings could be used towards purchases on the site...I like that idea as well...that's currently how a lot of my customers use their affiliate account and I have to track this information by hand. Just wanted to add my vote! B)

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1) By default the URL will look like this: but you can change the "partner_id" to anything you want.

2) Any user can become an affiliate. But the affiliation reward only goes to the direct affiliate. Grand parent affiliates do not get a commission.

3) The affiliate reward can be a percentage of the order total amount (all included) and/or a flat amount.

4) No problem. You can ask us when you're ready for the transfer and we will do it ASAP.

PS: Yes, that is already in the todo list but with have other priorities for the moment so it will have to wait a bit more before we can look at that.

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