Everything is just clicked and dragged in less than 1 hour

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-- HikaShop version -- : 4.1.0
-- Joomla version -- : 3.9.10
-- PHP version -- : 7.2

Hello . good day.

Please pay attention to this story that happened to me.

One day a friend of mine, who has mastered all the languages ​​and technologies in the Web, and his work on creating integrated web management systems, came to my office. I was designing a website. I quickly added clicks and drag different elements. My friend looked at me with amazement and, when it was finished, he told me he did not know there were such tools. "We sometimes write a few lines of code to create such a website," he said.

I used a page builder that day. I thought it was just for people who do not have programming skills.

This happened until one day when I was designing a store with hikashop and wrote about 7,000 stylesheets, I remembered that. I said to myself how good it would be if Hikashop, like a page builder, had the part that we could design and modify different parts of the store by clicking and dragging and selecting the desired styles and filling up some fields instead of writing code. . Without editing the codes or writing them.

Suppose that in designing a product or product list, we could get the product image, gallery, description, fields, buttons, and comments section, and we would love to drop any place. There were several different styles for each one. I can change colors and choose animations. We could create a tab and we could place any custom fields somewhere. This is not alone. This could have been the case for all other parts of the store. Different parts in the customer panel and cart and payment steps. Then how quickly could we design a beautiful and custom shop.

Yes ! Speed ​​is something that is not even achieved with programming knowledge.
What is your opinion about this?

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That's something we thought about a lot. In fact it's been noted on our end for years as we also think it could be great.
It has good points and bad points. If you make everythine drag'n'drop, then you loose the capability to customize things with more complex things (where you really need to add code). For example, for conditions, or processing some data before displaying it. And for us, it means we're also limiting what we can do in terms of advanced design, dynamic refresh, etc. Or it make things much more complex to implement.
I see two other problems for us to do that:
- We would have to completely redo the views to do that. So it's a lot of work as there are a lot of views and lot of things to take into account.
- The backward compatibility for people updating would be complex, and maybe impossible.

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Yes. I also thought about this and agreed with it. I also needed a project in my own way, and I fully understand it.
In fact, you can not delete the code editor forever. I even agree that in addition to the current editor for Html and PHP, the addition of the styles of each page to the right is added. Two editors together for each view.
Drag and Drop is, in fact, a simpler user interface that only allows the ability to move the default elements and change the layout of each view. Then it converts the layout to the code behind the curtain. In the extended state, of course, there is access to the code editor.
Clearly, if the changes in the editor are complex, the drag and drop interface will no longer be able to refresh and display them. Can only show the location of each default element.
I suppose users need to understand this and use both parts to fit their needs.
In any case, I'm not a programmer. I only share creative ideas with you. This is your product and you will decide on its development.

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For sure, this would open new perspectives.

Anyway, keep in mind that Design obeys very different rules compared to sales-, product- or customer-configuration relevant functions.

And as HikaShop is by nature dedicated to an internationalization purpose, keep in mind that
- some business cultures demand sober and smart GUI-Design to begin to trust an offer (mostly occidental and slavic cultures ex canada, germany, sweden ...),
- other business cultures "need" blinking and sparkling (mostly asian and oriental cultures ex japan, china, india ...)

What about creating a "template creation component or SaaS" for such purpose ?

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I believe there should be flexible coding, but for beginners or anyone who wants to follow a standard, the dynamic drag-and-drop design capability increases accuracy and speed. Maybe he's a professional, but those standards are enough for him and he doesn't want to do more.
It's like block design, which eventually became a standard for responsive page design.
Especially not only the HTML changes but the CSS and CSS3 changes are all visible live, and the tablets and mobile versions are also set up on the same page.
Definition of standards should be based on the science of marketing day. This way, beginners and even programmers who don't have enough marketing knowledge can easily design store pages in line with new marketing concepts.
The code editing page can be merged into the same drag-and-drop design interface, and parts for writing code are predicted, and if this were not possible the user could choose the design method when installing the plugin and add the same functionality (coding or drag & Drop) install. Updates should also be made on this basis.

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