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i'm actually testing HikaMarket, and i have a suggestion to make.

would it be possible to import product for a vendor (in backoffice for exemple) ?
would it be possible for the vendor to import product himslef ?

Also when a Vendor has many product, would it be possible
- To have a status avaible/not on the vendor listing page
- To Send him email/warning,s when products are on low stock ? or have a low stock status page ?

Maybe some of these request are allready on the roadmap. They not "urgent" at all (personnal vendor shipping fees is still my first wish :) ), but theses would be also nice features.


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The field "vendor_id" is already accessible in the HikaShop import product.
It is not possible to create vendors or specific the vendor name but it is possible to link the product to a vendor thanks to his ID.

The HikaShop import system should be a little bit improved if we want that HikaMarket use it for import.
I don't think it would be useful to implement another import system in HikaMarket, the HikaShop one is quite good but would require one or two more features to be extensible by HikaMarket.

Could you explain a little more the "have a status available/not on the vendor listing page" ?
Do you mean, the product listing page for vendors ?
If so, it is already possible to override the view if you want to add some columns. But it could be interesting to add some useful data, I agree :)

Thanks for your requests.


Jerome -
HikaMarket & HikaSerial developer / HikaShop core dev team.

Also helping the HikaShop support team when having some time or couldn't sleep.
By the way, do not send me private message, use the "contact us" form instead.

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