HikaMarket - Shipping and Sales Tax in America

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-- HikaShop version -- : 2.6.0
-- HikaMarket version -- : 1.6.6
-- Joomla version -- : 3.4.4

I am looking to setup HikaMarket Multi-Vendor for a client and had a few questions related to shipping and sales tax.

I see in the demo that shipping options for each vendor are displayed. Are these calculated from the vendors warehouse location? Can each Vendor add there own FedEx, UPS etc. account credentials or is there just one for the whole market?

With the complex sales tax system in the USA is the sales tax calculated on the customers location compared to the vendors location especially if the customer has products from multiple vendors in their cart? Is the sales tax assigned to each vendor in the sale or does the site owner need to redistribute it? I suppose this is where the Tax Cloud plugin could come in to simplify things. Hopefully one of the Tax Cloud people will come across this and have some answers. Can a Tax Cloud account be added to the system for each vendor?

Many Thanks!

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In HikaMarket you have a setting called "shipping per vendor".
It will simulate dynamically warehouses in HikaShop for the different vendors in the cart and you can affect specific shipping method to a vendor.
By activating the "Configuration of plugins by vendors", you give the authorization of the vendor to create and manage their own shipping methods in the front-end. So one vendor can create a "UPS" or "Fedex" shipping plugin with his own credentials, his own location, etc.


About the taxes ; they are all processed from one single entity : your store.
There is no integration between the "taxcloud" plugin and HIkaMarket ; so that's not possible to process taxes depending the vendor location (using the vendor tax cloud plugin).
But it could be possible to improve the taxcloud plugin in order to perform such kind of processing ; but it will require that each vendor indicate their tax cloud credentials otherwise the plugin will use the store one.

Otherwise, I know that PolishedGeek developed an "Avalara" plugin and their plugin is fully compatible with HikaMarket.

Multi-vendor HikaMarket support delivers accurate tax calculation for multiple source addresses in a single order, by line item


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