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I have been looking into hikamarket and JMS to allow vendors to have unique templates/websites but all selling the same products from the master website. Edwin from JMS says this can be done. The next part I am looking for is to be able to have the vendors accept payments from their customers and then in their vendor admin they can click a button that says buy now in the orders section. When clicked they will be able to purchase the product at wholesale cost plus any fees that were set.

See this short video to understand the work flow. www.youtube.com/watch?v=2icvjhBkDVI

It seems hikamarket only has two options for orders

1. The Store collects all funds and pays the vendor commissions.
2 The Vendor collects all funds and the store invoices to be paid.

Im looking for..

3. Vendor collects all funds then pays the wholesale cost + Fees from the store so the order can be fulfilled.

Is this possible? I am open to paying for this add on if possible.


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Well, you can consider that the store is paid directly and use the ACL system in order to just let vendors finalize an order.
Customers will just have manual payment method ("collect on delivery" which will make the order "pending") and vendors will be in special groups and could use "real" payment plugins to finalize the payment.


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