Hikmarket marketplace fees calculation for vendor with coupon

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I don't understand the calculation of marketplace fees in case of use of a coupon in an order.

I have a product with a normal price of 649€ with tax, and 10% marketplace fees (64,90€), for a net value for vendor of 584,10€.
The coupon is 50€ HT (60€ with tax), with option "Yes" to "discount applied to vendor" (see attached for coupon settings)

The net price of the product is correct (589€) but if we look at the order price detail, it seems that there is miscalculation on the coupon value, with 60 w/o tax + 10 of tax (see attachment), so a total reduction of 70.
The net value for vendor is 514,10 in the order.

In Stripe, we received 69,70 as fees, and the vendor received 519,30.

First, I would like that the fees to be calculated on the net price, what settings should I use to achieve that ?
Second, it seems the info transmitted to Stripe is wrong ?

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Which HikaShop and HikaMarket versions are you using ?
When you create a new thread in our forum, please fill the various fields which really helps the support team.

Regarding your screenshots I'm sorry but there is no context which can help us to understand the situation ; it is the customer order ? the vendor order (subsale) ?
For the moment the only thing that I can tell you is that the HikaShop coupon is handled by HikaShop. Your screenshot is a capture of the HikaShop details for an order, which are data related to HikaShop and, unless you provide more context, are not related to HikaMarket.


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