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-- HikaShop version -- : last
-- Joomla version -- : last


I'm working on a website with Hikashop and I will need help for some functionalities.

Some general information about the website :
- The site will be private.
- French website.
- It will sell print supports (business cards, goodies, ...).
- Joomla 3 (last version) + Hikashop Business (last version).
- French info : www.hikashop.com/forum/5-support-en-fran...-promo-cagnotte.html

About the extra functionality I need :
I need the customers, for their first order, to buy a specific item (name : YY, price : 200€).
If they put that item in the card, they will "earn" 1000€. They can use that credit to buy the YY item, and some other stuffs if they want.
If they delete YY item from the card, they lose the credit of 1000€.
If they buy YY item and others stuffs for 1500€ (for exemple), they will pay only 500€.
If they buy just YY item, they won't pay anything AND they will still have 800€ on they account, to buy other stuffs anytime they want.
If they buy YY item again, they won't earn 100€ again, it is a one time gift.

This project is for January (I'm working on the graphic design part). For now I need an estimation of the time and the cost of that developement. You can contact me by private message.

Don't hesitate if you have any question.



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Dear Marion,

I have just sent you one PM with my questions.

Thanks & Regards,

Sanjay Kumar | CEO

Official HikaShop Integration and Customization Partner

Deligence Technologies - your growing technology partner
E: sanjay [at] deligence.com
Skype/Google Hangout: sanjay.deligence
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Je vous ai envoyé un message privé aussi.

Bonne soirée.

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