Thumbnails slider for product page BUG

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2 years 5 months ago #333987

-- HikaShop version -- : 4.4.3
-- Joomla version -- : 3.9.27

Hi guys,
I have found some bugs relating the "Thumbnails slider" from the product page.

1) Because now we have this great feature ( I really love this ), that allow us to edit mutch easier the views, when I delete the thumbnails block, the arrows from the product page is not working any more, it act's like there is just 1 image for the product.
Thumbnails block deleted:

The slider from Product page don't slide between images after thumbnail block is removed from the view builder:

2) This may be just a problem for me, because of the template I use.
In Hikashop > Views, if I move the "Thumbnails" block above the "Main Image" block, I get 3 lines with errors in front-end for each image of that product. So if I have 2 images for the product, I will se 6 rows with this next Notice.
Notice: Undefined variable: width in /home/viatasis/ on line 37

Notice: Undefined variable: height in /home/viatasis/ on line 37

Notice: Undefined variable: image_options in /home/viatasis/ on line 37

3) And for me, I was forced to add z-index:1 in the css for this class ".hikashop_slide_prev" to bring the left arrow from slider in front of the image.

Last edit: 2 years 5 months ago by oxido. Reason: I have added info about css that need to be added to fix the left arrow for slider in the product page.

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2 years 5 months ago #333988


1. By design the swipe image system needs to have thumbnail images as this feature relies on them to "map" the current main image relative to the list of available images (from thumbnails).
But this presence is only necessary in the Html code, so there is no need to display them, so why not use css commands to hide the thumbnails?
Ex :

.your-thumbnail_image_containers { display: none; }

I can imagine that completely removing the thumbnails would be cleaner but here it is the only possible solution.

Note : Have a look on this documentation to learn how to add custom css command.

2. From your error message, it seems so far that the root issue is on the template side, from this as it's juste "notice error" :
=> You contact the template provider support
=> You switch off Joomla Debug as it seems that this kind of error won't be an issue for your website functioning.

3. A little like previous, it's possible that this need to add the "z-index" is linked to your template, anyway thank you for your returns.

And we hope that these answer will help you.


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