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regarding the „characteristics“ I may not correctly understand the concept in Hikashop.

When I set up a product, then I define the characteristics:

For example a car, the characteristics could be the number of horsepower, the number of doors, it’s speed etc.

In Hikashop characteristics are more „variants“ or „options“ a customer can choose from. Is that correct?

What I need is ideally, that I can set up characteristics fields, for example for each category and let the admistrator fill in the values of the characteristics, when she/he sets up a new product in this category..

Like in the above mentioned example with the cars.

Then in the product category view or the product view all these characteristics are displayed for the customer and are ideally searchable.

For example search for cars with more than 100 horsepower etc. With the „discription“ text area of the product this search or even sorting by horsepower, would not be possible.

Is there a way to do this in Hikashop?


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So what you want in that case is not use characteristics, nor options, nor variants.
What you want is to create custom fields of the table "product" via the menu Display>Custom fields. Then, in each product edition page, you'll see each one of the custom product fields so that you can fill them in.
You can see an example on our demo website:
On that product, we've filled in two custom product fields and they are displayed under the "specifications" area of the product page.
Once you do that, you can then create filters on these custom fields via the menu Display>Filters so that your customers can easily search throughout your products based on the values selected in these fields in each product:
Note that doing this requires HikaShop Business.

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