Hikashop as Point of Sale System ?

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i wanted to ask is there any possibility to use Hikashop to create a Multi Location Point of sale system ?
If yes then how ?
If No then when will it be available ?

because an outstanding online shopping website can be built with Hikashop (No Doubt on that) but how a user/shop keeper sync products with his/her website and already using different Point Of Sale Systems ?

Isn't it better to use a complete package of HikaShop or Something like HikaPOS of something similar to this ?

so both his/her website and stock/sales in store will be sychronised ?

As POS is becoming so popular for stores and websites are also necessary for stores in todays market to get business. I think Hikashop should also step into POS Systems specialy integrated POS systems with Hikashop Websites. It will be a great Boost because i also search in different forums and websites but got no luck to sync websites made with Hikashop with any POS (Multi Location One time Purchase Liscence).

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HikaShop isn't really meant to be used as a POS.
Most POS system should have either a CSV export of the products or a CSV import of the products data.
HikaShop itself has a CSV export/import system that can be automated.
So normally, when you want to integrate HikaShop with a POS system for the products stock synchronization, you use the CSV export/import system to handle that.
On HikaShop's end, you can automatically export CSVs of the products and either store them locally or send them by email thanks to the mass actions system.
And you can also import CSVs automatically with the mass actions system.
You can read more about the mass actions system here:

Now it's also possible to develop a custom integration with a POS system but in that case, you need to have a developer work on that for you.

And if you want a POS system which already works with HikaShop, you can look at this:

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