Option: LOCAL/REMOTE(FTP storage for downloadables

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It should be implemented!

When you sell DIGITAL GOODS
An option to select whether you want to store the files you want to sell in a local folder inside or outside Joomla! root
or LINK with a remote FTP server with username and password.

In second case there won't be an option to select and upload a file from your computer but only to specify the extra path and a filename manually !!!
The responsibility of the correct extra-path and filename must be of the user updating product information

Example: In Configuration, you select option REMOTE
then, you enter the URL or IP-ADDRESS of an assuming FTP Server
then, the username and the password (optional)


The REAL path of the file should be hidden from the customer (this I think is difficult)


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We don't have a lot of demand for this feature, I have added it on our todo list but we can't say when we will be able to implement that.
As suggested in the following link, you will have to make a plugin to manage that:

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