Currency in SEF URL - is this possible?

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Hello Hikashop developers,

How difficult would it be to have an SEF option in the main configuration that puts the currency in the URL such as

The currency switcher module would also need to be updated to make the proper redirection after changing the currency.

The reason for this is to be able to cache these pages with tools such as JotCache. JotCache starting 3.1.9 can exclude module positions, for example for the shopping cart.
Finding a way to keep the prices "dynamic" in the content of the product page is the last issue before we can all have super fast Hikashop sites.

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I think that you will have to create a plugin to check the url, if there is something related on the currency then call the hikashop function which allow to change the currency.

And don't edit the currency switcher module, but create a new should be easiest, just get the current url, replace the currency part by the desired one, and submit the page. The previously created plugin, will call the currency function and call the correct page.

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