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-- HikaShop version -- : 2.3.3

dear team, after using hikashop for more than 3 years on several projects now, i can say by comparing in the past with virtuemart and OS/xt-commerce that i am very satisfied! support is great, features are great, keep up the good work!
of course there is always space for improvements, here two suggestions, maybe there are workarounds, i dont know:

1. in "display > views" it would be great to have the possibility to filter by "customizations"!
it is quite time consuming to search for customizations made a long time ago, by trying the present filters and scrolling around...

2. in "system > emails" it would be great if the "remove customization" bins would appear only were a customization has been made (HTML, TEXT, PRELOAD) and not on all 3 if i make a customization only on one of them, lets say HTML.
i just wanted to make changes to an old site with hikashop, and i had to compare each one of those 3, because i couldnt remember and i didnt note somewhere where i did the customizations 2 years ago. actually i did only in HTML, but as he is showing me the bins in all 3, i had to recheck them all..

best regards

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Thank you for your feedback.
We'll consider these improvements for future releases.

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