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-- HikaShop version -- : 2.6.0

Is it possible in the future to implement a more user friendly variant management system in the backend.

Going through these forums, i've seen a lot of people commenting about difficulties dealing with large numbers of variants on products, I also have this issue with multiple products that have 250+ variants due to different characteristics.

A system that would allow us to filter variants by a certain characteristic would be very helpful, as well as the ability to update multiple variants in 1 action.

For example i need to update the images for 8 of 32 colours i have available on a product,
8 colours available in 3 sizes and 3 finishes = 72 variants that have to be manually updated, when it could be a case of filtering the 8 colours i want to replace the images on, and applying the new photos to all of the sub variants associated with that colour.

I know this can be done in SQL/phpmyadmin with a query but it is not convenient, and not possible when making new products as there are no records associated with the variants until they have images attached to them the first time.

Cheers, Oli

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We actually redid completely the variants management system a few months ago. So most of the problems you saw on other threads with the variants are already solved.

Regarding the updating of variants in bulk, you can already do this thanks to the mass actions system in HikaShop. You can access it via the menu System>Mass actions. You can have filters to update only variants with some characteristic value, only for one product, or a category of products, or for all of them, and then have actions, to change some values of the mass actions.
For now, the mass actions system doesn't support updating/adding images, but that's on our todo list.

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