Characteristics depending of a foreign value

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-- HikaShop version -- : 2.6.1
-- Joomla version -- : 3.4.8
-- PHP version -- : 5.4.45


I'm using Characteristics on products and theses Characteristics are displayed on a droplist. My question si is it possible to have one Characteristics's value fixed by a value on another database table value ?

For example in my case Characteristics are city choice and in the user profile, set by Community Builder, I gave this value in a Community Builder field. So if I can pick this value, I would be able to fix my Characteristics without asking to my client.

Hope you see what I'm asking, if necessary I can put here some screenshot

Thx for answers and have a nice day ! ;)

Adishatz, erix

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There is no option to do that.
Adding values dynamically to a characteristic will be complex even for a developer.
What would be easier if you don't need to change the price of the product based on the selected characteristic would be to create a custom field type plugin so that you could have a custom item field of that type. And in the custom field type plugin, you would load the values you need from the database of CB. It would still require the help of a developer, but it will be way simpler. It's just a small plugin with a field type class implementing a function to load the data and display the dropdown, a bit like we do with the advanced datepicker type plugin that you can find in the plugins/hikashop folder of the website.

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