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-- url of the page with the problem -- :
-- HikaShop version -- : 3.2.2
-- Joomla version -- : 3.8.5
-- PHP version -- : 7.1
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Dear Hikashop support,

Is there a kind of backorder function already in Hikashop?
So for example:
If i have an order of let's say 10 products and 9 products are send normally in time and 1product is delayed by a few days or so. I then have the possibility for backorder?

I would like to hear from you.

Kind regards,
Hugo van Leeuwen
Van Laarhoven Websites

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Well, you don't necessarily need to do anything.
If it's about notifying the customer, you could create a status "partially shipped" via the menu System>Order statuses), and then, when you change the status of the order via the dropdown on the orders listing, in the email, you could write the text you want to give him more details on the situation. You could also automate that with some custom code in the email itself (you can edit the email via the menu System>Emails).

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