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3 years 3 days ago #306810

-- HikaShop version -- : 4.1.0
-- Joomla version -- : 3.9
-- PHP version -- : 7.3

Hi Hikashopteam,

We have a user interface improvement for the checkout page.
It's a small order adjustment from the payment title and image.
We think it's better for everybody to have this standard in Hikashop.

See change before and after.

After code change:

You might think that when the images are not the same size, it isn't an improvement at all. But images can be adjusted to the same size and titles can't. When started with images. you get a cleaner layout which improves the overall user interface.

P.S. The same adjustment also applies to the checkout / show_block_shipping.php

Kind regards,

Kind regards,
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3 years 3 days ago #306819

that would be nice to have in the core.
also it would be nice to get this for the delivery images to, what does the hika team think about ;)

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3 years 2 days ago #306813


By default the images actually go in a second line below the name of the payment method.
That way, when you have a payment method with one image and another with many, the name of the payment methods are aligned with one another:
In your case, without the line return between both and with only one image for each payment method, it indeed makes sense to have the image before the payment method name. But I don't think that it makes sense in my example.
And with the default HTML and a bit of CSS, I'm able to get something quite close to what you want without having to change the HTML:

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