Extra features for coupon?

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I would like to suggest an improvement for discount codes.
Under discount features, it would be great to have extra settings like: Show in product page, show in checkout, show in module cart, show in hikashop content module or something like that. Also extra discount description would be great to...

As example, The idea would be to create discount, in "discount description" add text "25% OFF EVERYTHING WITH CODE: my_code_here" and show it where i want it based on setting offered above.

Right now, we have added our custom code with one hard coded coupon ID in the places we want, and modify that coupon whenever we need it. But sometimes you want to create new one....

I hope you see what i mean.


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In that case, you should have your custom code as a module and use modules anywhere or the loadposition tags of Joomla to load the module where you want.
I don't think it would be good to add that directly in HikaShop as we don't know where you want to display the message.
It might be at the top of listings, on the side, on the homepage, etc.

Also display settings for discounts is problematic as we already have display settings for discounts in the HikaShop configuration, the cart module and the listings.
When the discount is configured to display but the display option for the discounts says to not display, what to do ?
That will lead to more support ask us why the discount doesn't show up.
And if we were to add these and remove the others, then updates would be problematic too.
So I'm afraid I can't agree to that either.

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