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Hello, I thought I would ask for this feature or if even if it can be sold as a sperate plugin or component Like added to the Market place
the plugin or the component and from my research and digging around Hikashop documents and forums cannot find the perfect solution, people want the delivery service or the radius of delivery and charges based on distance from the business location, some business don't deliver over 2 KM or 2 Miles, another example certain resturants deliver to a certain distance and even withn that distance there are different charges, for example in a radius of 4 miles of the resturant if the delivery house about 1 mile or less it can be one dollar if betwen 1-3 miles then its 3 dollars and if its 3-4 miles will be 4 dollars added to the total at the checkout, and also another thing which is really great feature, when the customer chooses delivery it should come and ask his address right the way and if the address deliverable then he/she will be able to contniue to put the order if it's out from the deliverable address radius it will tell them can not be delevereid to your address and has to be a pickup, I really appreaciete if this work can be done soon, I know lots people willing to pay for that, using the concept of google map will help alot and I'm telling people to pay for this because its need it. Thanks in advanced

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For reference, for others reading this thread, we previously talked about this together here:
All I can say for now is that it's noted on our end on our todo list. But I can't say when such plugin could be done as our tood list is quite long. The more people contact us about such feature, the more we'll look at adding it.

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