Hikashop marketplaces and channels integration(s)?

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I wonder how you can create api and integration similar like Jetshop doing with their Hyperdrive marketplaces and channels?

How can you make this work with Hika as well with integation to other channels and marketplaces? similar like this info www.jetshop.io/hyperdrive/

"Hyperdrive marketing channels

With Hyperdrive you have only one point of contact, but access to many marketplaces and channels. You can start selling right away. We also add new innovative and profitability enhancing channels over time."

How can you have your shops/products into other marketplaces as well?

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HikaShop has a Google Products plugin which can generate a XML of all the products in the shop. This XML can be regenerated periodically to keep the information in it up to date.
And then, you can configure both Google shopping and Facebook store to automatically import the products from that XML periodically.
That way, you can sell your shop's products there automatically while managing everything from your Joomla.
There also a similar mechanism to send your products to Amazon with Amamplace: www.faboba.com/composants/amamplace/download-buy.html
Regarding all the other channels listed on your link, I don't know them. If they support Google Products XML format, then you could probably integrate with them too quite easily. Otherwise, it means they have their own API and it would require the development of a plugin similar to the Google Products plugin but specific to their API.

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