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-- url of the page with the problem -- : citybuzzradio.com
-- HikaShop version -- : 4.0.3

I am requesting a Hikashop integration with Ordelo or Shopify or any Dropshipping option, Ebay, Aliexpres.

Here's why this is so needed:

Hikashop is a great solution for me to create and upload merch to sell. As I am a small business, I don't have an inventory or a warehouse. Shopify and Ordelo provide a great solution. Similar to HikaMarket, these sites offer Fulfillment options. Hikashop sorta does but it doesn't easily do this like Shopify or Ordelo.

Hikashop is more manual in this process, whereas Shopify allows me to easily search products from other vendors, it then allows me to add those products to my site to resale. All of the processing is in the backend but the product shows in my store instantly in most cases.

Ecwid offers its own solution that adds dropshipping to their system, but I paid for Hikashop and do not want to us an alternative as I'm familiar with Hikashop. There are also plugins similar for Virtuemart, again I'd rather stay with Hikashop.

Please help us with this.


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I don't think that it's possible for Ordelo or Shopify

Regarding the dropshipping extension for VirtueMart, you can actually do the same thing with HikaMarket multivendor:
What this extension calls "warehouses" are actually "vendors" in HikaMarket. And you can assign products to vendors and have the vendors emailed when a product of theirs is purchased.

Now regarding an integration with AliExpress, it could make sense so that you would import the products on your website to sell them and then notify back of the orders so that they could be shipped and your AliExpress account charged for it.
It's possible, but that would require an extensive development to be able to do that.

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5 months 1 week ago #345609

Old thread - is there a best practices way of doing this? I have HikaBusiness and Multi Vendor. Love it so far, best component I've ever used. Most of the vendors carry their own inventory, but some vendors want to dropship using a service. Best way to accomplish this in your opinion?

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I think the best is to use RO CSVI and configure automated import jobs yourself for each vendor's feed with it:
RO CSVI is compatible with HikaShop and has a nice interface to configure that.
Now, there is no frontend interface which would allow the vendors to setup the import of their products themselves, as far as I know. That could be something to check with the developer. Maybe it would be possible to setup import templates in the backend, and allow users to select among them and provide the URL of the feed to import with the template so that they could add their feed without being allowed to do all the setup from the frontend.

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