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-- url of the page with the problem -- :
-- HikaShop version -- : 4.7.0
-- Joomla version -- : 3.9.21
-- PHP version -- : 7.4.33


May I ask for your help and advice?

We are trying to use the Paypal Checkout payment plugin specifically to offer the “Paypal Pay Later” option. Which seems to be only available to certain users based on some kind of pre-approval figured out by a Paypal algorithm.

On the Paypal Checkout payment method, I only checked the “Pay Later” option. Yet, when testing this payment method, I get 3 payment options during checkout. See attached screen.

We actually would only like the middle “4X Paypal” to show up… Is there any way to alter the code in order to do that?

Also, when testing, our developer doesn’t even get this “4X Paypal”. Guessing the algorithm did not think he qualified for the payment method. Perhaps we could alter the code to say “You do not qualify for installment payment”? Any idea how?

Or… have you seen other companies using Hikashop managing to get an installment payment option to work within paypal or with another service?

Thank you in advance for any help you may provide!


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1. The first and last choices are mandatory. And in between, you can have extra "funding" capabilities based on what you selected in the payment method and the situation and the PayPal algorithm. So you can remove the "PayPal" and "credit card" choices.

2. Maybe you could hide them with some custom CSS ? I'm not sure if it would work. You might need to dynamic javascript code which would process the HTML of the page to be able to do it. It would require some testing.

3. The fact your developer doesn’t even get this “4X Paypal” is indeed because the algorithm did not think he qualified for the payment method. There are many criteria PayPal takes into account in that respect. Similarly to point 2, some javascript code could process the HTML of the page to add a custom message if the 4x payment method is missing.

4. Yes, I've seen many companies use HikaShop with installment payments, but not with PayPal (at least not until we released the new version of the PayPal Checkout plugin a few weeks ago). All of them were using a payment gateway which allowed for installments and with a payment plugin also supporting that capability.

We recently released a payment plugin for Alma which allows for that:

The netgiro plugin also has options for that:
But not many people used it.

The MultiSafepay plugin was released a few years ago by Tsukidev and also has installment payment capabilities:
with in3 ( ) or pay later capabilities with afterpay ( )

There is also PayZen which has a HikaShop plugin with the payment in installments:

Now of course, not all payment methods are available to you. It depends on where you're located as a merchant. And that's a strong point of PayPal Checkout's Pay Later as it supports a wide range of countries in one solution.

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