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02 Feb 2024 11:42

Discount through affiliation program

Category: Affilation

What would be the correct approach to implement this thing, so that a coupon can "Auto load in cart if possible" only if there is an affiliate, should I create a new plugin or should this option be added to the already existing coupon creation section in hikashop?
Can you guide me?
Thank you!

I was about to hit "submit" button but I checked a little more and noticed that in the Coupons option
Force affiliation to I can select current customer partner
With this option and the check below (where we check if there is a partner in the cookie), we can have a very powerful feature.
Because we will be able to create a single coupon that can be used in combination with any affiliate, without having to create a coupon for each affiliate.
$partner = JRequest::getCmd('hikashop_affiliate',0,'cookie');
if(empty($partner)) continue;

That will skip all the discounts if there is no partner.

29 Jan 2024 11:37

Discount through affiliation program

Category: Affilation


There is no such setting. The problem with that is that a coupon can only be added to a cart once the user added something to the cart. So the user is supposed to manually enter his coupon during the checkout. Then, the affiliate will be automatically linked to his order.
One easy solution would be to use an affiliate link which would add a product to the cart and add a coupon at the same time. That's possible if you provide the correct URL to the partner:
But that's only realistic if you're selling only one product the partner would be interested in advertising to his audience.
24 Jan 2024 17:08

Affiliate handling on coupons instead of link

Category: Orders management

Hi, as affiliates all want to sell by giving discounts, i asked my developer this:

or my partners i need to do 2 things:
1. open up every order to see which coupon is used.
2. select the order -> actions -> update the values -> partner id -> add partner number.

1. Can you make an extra column that shows the coupon used in the orders listing?
2. Can you make a button that does nr2 so i only have to add partner number?

If yes, please do. still same login for you. Let me know the costs :).

Because updates could be an issue i added that a plugin/patch would be an option so he replied the following:

I have reviewed the HikaShop codes for the orders listing and details page.

It's more complicated than it appears, so here are two options:

Modify and extend HikaShop core files:
Not possible to create a patch, as HikaShop can change its codes. Applying an old patch may result in errors or non-functionality in other areas.
You won't be able to update HikaShop.
This is a low-cost solution.
Modify only the Orders Listing and Details page:
You need to replace 2 files (listing and details) after HikaShop update. Which you can done safely.
Additional queries/programming can be done by developing a custom component which won't visible to you at the Administrator.
You can update HikaShop.
This is a more costly solution.

Is there another way, or will this soon become a standard? How best to approach this in a way that i can quickly see in my orders which coupons are used and click to add the partner?
Alternatively the best solution would be to have the system add the partner+fee when their coupon is used. This would need the coupon to have an option to link to affiliate id number i guess.

Hope te learn! Kind regards.
23 Jun 2023 09:12

Using Joomla Registration - to become Partner?

Category: Affilation


You can create a menu item of the type HikaShop affiliate program via the Joomla menu manager.
There, logged in users will be able to become partner and check their affiliate stats once they are one.
25 Apr 2023 15:18

Affulation not working

Category: Affilation

-- HikaShop version -- : 4.7.1
-- Joomla version -- : 3.10.11
-- PHP version -- : 7.4.32

Dear all,
I just configured affilation programm (see screenshot), added partners and tried my first test shopping with partner-link. Plugin is enabled. but I don't see orders in the area of partner-orders. This is empty.
Any idea what is missing? BR Anita
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