June 12 2019

Along with HikaShop 4.1.0, HikaSerial, HikaMarket and HikaAuction all got new releases.
Let's discover all of this !

HikaSerial 3.0.1

With this HikaSerial release, the main thing to note is the addition of a Cron system to manage automatic email notifications for the subscriptions, even if you use HikaShop Starter while before, HikaShop Essential or Business were required for that !

  • Internal Cron system for HikaSubscription
  • Improvements
  • Support of variant in HikaMarket serial listing
  • Change the URL generation for subscription listing
  • Support of onHikashopLanguageChange trigger
  • New tags for the filename in the PDF plugin
  • Fixes
  • Fix for Serial Private Content plugin
More Information

Change log for HikaSerial.

HikaMarket 3.0.2

With this new HikaMarket release, note that the ReCaptcha plugin is now supported and it's now possible to delete payment and shipping methods created by vendors.

  • Order export now use some HikaShop export settings
  • Add extra data into the vendor registration form in order to improve the compatibility with the Recaptcha plugin
  • Improve product price edition regarding the chosen dropdowns
  • Removing the CSS float for the vendor page image to improve the compatibility with the grid system
  • Add specific CSS classes on plugin edition elements
  • Support of deleting plugin instances
  • Support of the VAT check for the vendor creation
  • Avoid the forcing of the email address on product creation email
  • New way tot handle the category edition regarding the cartegory_type and the HikaShop auto type assignation
  • Fixes
  • Updating MangoPay to avoid the double creation of users in some cases
  • Updating the product approval email to support multiple products in one message
  • Force the address_id when editing an order address.
  • Fix display of customer addresses
  • Fix for discount edition of user and vendor
  • Fix for category custom field edition
More Information

HikaMarket's change log.

HikaAuction 3.0.1

With this new release, and like HikaSerial 3.0.1, HikaAuction doesn't depend anymore on HikaShop's Cron to manage auctions and sen automatic emails, so you can now use all the features of HikaAuction even if you use HikaShop Starter !

  • We have created an HikaAuction CRON
  • Improvements
  • We improved the structure of email product links
More Information

HikaAuction's change log.

We hope you will enjoy all these new versions.

Keep in touch folks.

Team HikaShop